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- Visit Churches
- Afternoon Rest

-Set Up Tent
-Visit Schools
-7pm Community Worship & a Cuppa

-Baton Arrives!
-Visit Schools
-7pm Town Prayer Time

-Visit Schools
-3pm Child & Youth Activities
- 7pm … READ MORE

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What is Pass It On?

Pass It On is a 17,000 km intercessory run across the western world.

Our aerobic intercessors, or road warriors, will run with with a powerful message for the next generation.

Beginning in Brisbane each runner will carry a baton to represent Gods word, the Bible, as the foundation and wisdom of God being passed on.

Our children will need this wisdom for the future rebuilding and reformation of our western world. The runners will always run in a westerly direction right across Australia and then across Europe, Britain, USA and finally Canada before returning to Brisbane.

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